Urge to support the rusofony

We are rusofones living in different countries of the world, we are people of different nationalities and of different native languages, we declare that the Russian language is our common, necessary and often the only means of communication, and it firmly connects us within the international community. 

Russian language - is our common heritage, regardless of citizenship, native language and other languages that we speak.  Therefore we strive to be able to communicate in this language and promote its worldwide dissemination, as well as to expand the scope of its studying and use, while respecting the principles of diversity of cultures and civilizations in the world.

Scattering of rusofones to different parts of the world and to different states was caused by historical, economic, family and other reasons that relate to the past.  Given the current progress and the availability of challenges of the modern world, scattering of rusofones will apparently continue for other reasons. It will increasingly become a universal and will not be associated with only one country. 

Communication between rusofones of the world already exists, thanks to the Internet, communications and media. It is a rich and intense dialogue concerning all areas of human activity, but it is the reality of a de facto that has neither recognition nor guarantees that would ensure its viability in the light of trends in the global unification of cultural space.

We especially appeal to rusofones themselves, calling them to realize that the Russian language - is a necessary means of communication for many countries and people, both on a personal and global levels, on a par with other languages of countries of residence. 

We call upon UNESCO, the European Union, interested Governments and civil society to recognize the value and benefit of the Russian language, in order to promote a better communication and harmonious mutual enrichment of cultures in the modern world.

Such recognition consists of a freedom to speak in Russian for individuals and population groups that wish to do so, regardless of their nationality and cultural background, as well as the freedom to promote the study of the Russian language and its use together with other languages of international communication. 


Yours respectfully, Dimitry de Koshko

A member of the Public Council under the Fund for Development of Civil Society Institutions “Public diplomacy”