Our purposes

Сергей Анатольевич Гаврилов

Foundation for the support of institutions of Civil Society "Public diplomacy" was created in 2010 to normalize and harmonize inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-state relations at the former Soviet Union and beyond, where there is a potential conflict of this kind. Fund "Public diplomacy" supports the construction of a comfortable society of the XXI century, where freedom and democracy are clearly separated from the permissiveness, and the concept of tolerance is regaining its true meaning as mutual respect.

Public diplomacy - is one of the most important institutions and methods of building a civil society in a country. Unlike traditional diplomacy the Public diplomacy is a "conversation without ties", frank discussion of stakeholders, each of which aware of their own values and interests, however, remaining tolerant and sympathetic to the values and interests of the other party.

Public diplomacy - is a practical application of the idea of tolerance in a changing, globalized, increasingly open and transparent post-industrial world. That is not correct to understand tolerance as only a one-way phenomenon, when the representatives of the "golden billion" have to "tolerate" the cultural, religious and other features of other nations. On the contrary, tolerance, in terms of public diplomacy - is a mutual desire of individuals and entire nations to mutual understanding, cooperation and shared goals.


Sincerely, Sergey Gavrilov

Public Diplomacy Foundation