Protect the religious feelings of the citizens of the Russian Federation

The regular meeting of the the deputy group in defense of Christian values chaired by the Interfactional coordinators of the group Sergey Gavrilov and S. Popov was held in the State Duma. One of the main points of the agenda was to discuss the statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for the Protection of the religious feelings of citizens of the Russian Federation. The draft statement made on behalf of all factions of the State Duma and in the coming days the document must be signed by the leaders of all four party factions. 

As reports the coordinator of the Public Council of the Interfactional parliamentary group Oleg Efimov, deputy-members of the Interfactional group unanimously supported the signing of the statement. Also they spoke of the importance and urgency of adopting bipartisan consolidating document, especially given the increased frequency of religious stained conflicts, insults to the feelings of believers and the struggle of political parties. Moral consolidation regardless of party affiliation was declared by the  deputies  as one of the basic conditions for sustainable development of society in Russia.

In particular, the statement said that Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism are part of the historical heritage of the peoples of Russia, it was noted also the unparalleled role of traditional religions in fostering peace and civil accord in the country. Special concern and condemnation caused by the increasingly frequent killings of religious leaders, violence against believers, sawing crosses, the destruction of churches, blasphemous hooligan actions, vandalism at cemeteries, drawing offensive graffiti on the walls of the temple buildings. All of these actions are aimed at the destruction of centuries-old spiritual and moral foundations of Russia and fomenting civil strife and undermining the country's sovereignty. 

According to the coordinator of the Public Council of Interfactional group Oleg Efimov deputies S.Gavrilov and S.Popov briefed members of the groum that the State Duma planned to adopt draft laws increasing penalties for offending religious feelings and the desecration of venerated shrines. MPs stressed the importance of the inevitability of punishment for such actions.

MPs are going to call on the mass media to treat with special responsibility and sensitivity to the publishing covering the events of a religious nature and absolutely refrain from inciting religious hatred and offending of the feelings of believers.

Among other issues of the meeting agenda there were considered new draft laws proposed by MPs Interfactional group aimed to discourage the involvement of minors in prostitution as well as to strengthen the responsibility of adults for these heinous criminal acts in which children are invited to be considered only the victims of crime, regardless of their consent to prostitution and sexual contact with adults. At the same time it is planned to bring the legal age of a minor children into line with international standards and increased it to 18 years. With the help of another bill MPs plan to toughen the penalties for the production and circulation of pornographic material, especially in the distribution of child pornography. It should be noted that   acquisition and household storage products with child pornography will be considered the offense. The bill provides a clear definition of what is considered child pornography and how it differs from ordinary snapshots taken by parents of children for a home photo album.

MPs continued formation of the Public Council Interfactional group in defense of Christian values, and coordinator of the Council Oleg Efimov briefed them on the main activities of the Expert Community Council which are reflected in the Provisions of his work. Takes place regional and international contacts of Deputies, meeting with foreign delegations of Deputies and with religious leaders of Russia and of the world.  Meetings of the deputy members of the group will be held on a regular basis.

Abstract of Interfactional group.

In 2012, in the newly elected State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in order to preserve the moral and cultural identity of Russia the Interfactional  group for the protection of Christian values and the Public Council under it were created. Extremely important and significant that today during tense political struggle and confrontation of ideas and opinions together teamed the MPs of different parties to which the Orthodox faith and moral values are fundamental and basic, but a political and party affiliation are superstructural values.

The new inter-faction group currently includes 29 members from all factions. At the root of the organization of the group in the new Duma were representative of the faction "United Russia" Sergey Popov and the representative of the faction "The Communist Party of the Russian Federation" Sergey Gavrilov, yet today they are the coordinators of the association.


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