Dimirti de Kochko

Димитрий де Кошко

Journalist of France Press, Chairman of the Coordination Council of compatriots in France. One of the co-founders of the Rusofon union of France. 

Was born in 1951. He graduated from the Philology Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Paris-10 and the Department of French literature and linguistics at the University of Paris-3 "New Sorbonne", received a master's degree in the history of Russian civilization as well as in linguistics and phonetics.

He subsequently graduated from the Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po) in Paris (Department of International Relations). From 1975 to 1978 - Professor at the Moscow State University. He graduated from the training course of television producers and the  training course of videographers at The National Audiovisual Institute of France (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel, INA), as well as courses of DV camera operator in Toulon. Since 1979 as a journalist of agency "France Presse" covered diplomatic and economic events, also was interviewing in the studio for the TV company "Bloomberg". Also Dimitri de Koshko  frequently worked abroad, wrote reports of "hot spots": Manama (during the first Gulf War), Kuwait, Abu Dhabi. From 1985 to 1988 he supervised the news bureau in Islamabad, later wrote about the war in Yugoslavia in Belgrade, where deputized the head office, Mostar, Tirana, Sarajevo; was the author of reports from Libya, Lebanon, Russia. 

From 1992 to 1993 he was editor in chief of the weekly Moscow newspaper "Economic Letters" published in the "Business People". From 1990 to 1992 he worked as a journalist in the publishing group "ICF", which specialized in management and microeconomics, he also worked as chief editor of the magazine «Repreneur», then he worked as a columnist on trade on the sixth channel. He published articles in such newspapers as "Le Eco", "Le Monde", "Le Monde Diplomatique", in magazines - such as "Diplomacy", "Historians and geographers", on Internet sites dedicated to Russia and CIS. Since 2005 provides chronicles from Paris for the BBC Russian service.

He also published articles in the economic journal specialized in overseas markets MOSI.

Dmitry Koshko has shot many documentaries; including a series of films on the big cities (Moscow, Kiev, Singapore, Barcelona, etc.),  documentaries "Luzhkov - the human and capital," "Empire's New Clothes", about art and market of antiques in Russia, films about animals, etc.

In 1994 his book "Empire of drugs - Russia and its environment" was published by "Hachette Plyurel". Dmitry Koshko has also co-wrote the guidebook "Guide du Rutar" for Moscow and St. Petersburg (2003). In 2007 published the first catalog of the award "Rusofoniya" due to the participation of the Yeltsin Fund. In 2008 the second catalog was released and in January 2009 - the third one. 

From 2000 to 2008 Dimitri Koshko lectured at the Franco-Russian magistracy of Journalism at Moscow State University, in the Center of training and skills for journalists, he conducted training for Central Asian journalists in the French Graduate School of Journalism, lectured in London (the Fund "Bi-bi-si-World"), also he conducted some training programs in Ukraine (Taras Shevchenko University in Kiev, University of Journalism in Simferopol, Uzhhorod State University), and then another in Azerbaijan and Moldova.

All these positions were held under the banner of journalism, but also rusofonism.

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