Ukrainian friendly association will observe the elections, but will not intervene

Украинские землячества будут наблюдать за выборами, но не вмешиваться

Representatives of the Ukrainian affinity groups in Russia and in other countries, who are registered as international observers at the elections of people's deputies of Ukraine, presented in Kiev the fund "Public diplomacy". The purpose of the fund – is to support civil society institutions.


On October 26, in the office of News Agency "Interfax-Ukraine" the presentation of the "Public diplomacy" fund for support of Civil Society institutions was held. Representatives of the Fund, many of which are living in Russia members of affinity groups from different areas of Ukraine, have been officially registered as international observers at the Ukrainian elections to the Supreme Council.


"People's diplomat" Vasily Bebko, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Veterans of Russian MFA and president of the Poltava Friendly Society, stressed that "the recognition or non-recognition of the election is the matter of Ukrainian people," but not of international observers. "The purpose of monitoring missions – is to fix infringements and monitor implementation of the democratic process in the state, but not to intervene in the disputes of political subjects", - B.Bebko reminded.


The feature of observers from the fund "Public diplomacy" is that they are originally from Ukraine. They were born, were educated and worked there. "For us, Ukraine - this is not just another country where elections are held, our roots are here", - said the executive secretary of the fund, a specialist in ICT Romella Lovyago. – "Besides, it should be understood that the development of democracy in Ukraine is not only important for the civil society in the country, but also, for example, for business community in the former Soviet Union", – R. Lovyago added.


Democracy - is not only and not so much a static state of the state, but a continuous process of upholding by society its rights and interests by all legal means. This was announced by the Danish political scientist and journalist, a member of the mission "Public diplomacy" Vamberg Johannes Andersen. He expressed his concern over imprisonment of the opposition leaders - Julia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutsenko. However, J.W.Anderson acknowledged that the question of how this situation will affect the outcome of the votes cast for the kind of political power that they represent, will remain open until October 28 inclusive.


"Public diplomat" Alexander Bedritsky, member of the advisory-methodical council at the Russian Central Election Commission, said that, using the method of assessment of transparency and legitimacy of the elections to the Supreme Council of Ukraine, the fund will base on the materials of the Copenhagen Meeting of the OSCE in 1990, which have clear criteria for international observers. "Democracy - is not an abstraction, it is primarily people. That is why the Fund "Public diplomacy" aims to strengthen horizontal links between people, including the Ukrainian diasporas around the world", - A. Bedritsky said in conclusion of the press conference.


Already on October 27 representatives of the fund "Public diplomacy" will go to those regions of Ukraine, where they came from, and will be there until the day of the election. According to the results of their monitoring, a round table will be held, where representatives of Friendly Associations will give their qualified assessment of the level of democracy and transparency of elections in the country.