Andersen promised Ukrainians a "fabulous life"

Пресс-конференция Фонда "Народная дипломатия" - Й.В. Андерсен и А.В. Бедрицкий

Representative of the fund "People`s diplomacy" Johannes Vamberg Andersen speaking at a press conference in News Agency "Interfax" said that, if he would go to the polls, his campaign slogan will be: "Do you want to live like in a fairy tale? Vote for Andersen! ". No kidding J.W. Andersen recognized Ukraine as one of the most free of post-Soviet countries, at the same time urging Ukrainians "to constantly fight for democracy".

Foundation for the support of Civil Society - "People's democracy", founded in 2010, for the first time sent its representatives to Ukraine as observers at the elections to the Supreme Council of the country. Among the registered observers - there are representatives of Denmark, France, Poland and Russia.

«After the collapse of the Soviet Union, millions of people, who had hoped for a better life, in fact did not get freedom and prosperity, as was promised. Many representatives of Western society took to heart the problems of these people», - said J.W. Andersen. – «Ukraine, in my opinion, is one of the most free of post-Soviet countries. The people here showed that they are not an object, but the subject of the political process. However, the Civil Society energy is often used by certain financial-oligarchic groups for their own mercenary purposes».

Representative of the "People's diplomacy" Alexander Bedritsky said that many participants of the fund are ethnic Ukrainians, active members of Friendly Associations from different regions of Ukraine.

«Of course, it is especially important for them to understand the democratic processes taking place in their homeland, including those associated with the free and transparent expression of the will of the Ukrainian people», - stressed A.

Bedritsky, adding that representatives of Friendly Associations at the period of election will stay in those very regions where they came from.

In conclusion of the press conference J.W. Andersen recalled that the democracy - is not so much a status, but a continuous process of fighting for the rights.

«Need to fight for democracy not only during elections, but also every day in between», - stated J.W. Andersen.

Foundation for the support of institutions of Civil Society "Public diplomacy" was created to normalize and harmonize inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-state relations at the former Soviet Union and beyond. The fund supports the construction of a comfortable society of the XXI century, where freedom and democracy are clearly separated from the permissiveness, and the concept of tolerance is regaining its true meaning as mutual respect.