Evgeniy Vvedenskiy

Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences (1997), head of non-military preparatory training and military education of the Navy Department in 1994, Captain I rank.

Born July 4, 1948 in Lyubotin Kharkiv region, graduated from the Kiev Higher Military-Political Academy in 1971, and the Military-Political Academy. Vladimir Lenin in 1981, the Institute of training and retraining of teachers of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Moscow State University in 1994, Ph.D., in 1971, he served in positions of political structure in the Pacific Fleet.

1978-1984 - student, then an associate of the Military-Political Academy. Lenin.

1984-1987 - Senior Lecturer, Deputy Head of the Department of Black Sea Higher Naval School (Sevastopol).

1987-1993 - lecturer, senior lecturer in international relations and political movements of the Military-Political Academy. Lenin, since 1993 - Senior Lecturer, Department of History of the Academy of Humanities Sun

1993-1994 - senior officer of higher naval school of the Navy.

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