Petr Akaemov

Акаемов Петр Иванович - член Общественного совета Фонда "Народная дипломатия"

Therefore, members of the Moscow city organization of the Union of Writers of Russia, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia and Moscow. He graduated from the College of publishing and printing them. Fedorov, journalism faculty of Moscow State University. Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation. Public journalism prize awarded professional recognition "Best feathers of Russia", a diploma of the Union of Russian Writers "Golden Pen of Moscow", Diplomas of the State Duma and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. He - corresponding member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences, a member of the Board of the Moscow Literary Fund, a member of the presidium of the Union of Journalists of Moscow, a member of the Public Council of the International Charity Fund "Patrons of the Century", a member of the Central Council of the All-Russian Public Movement "Orthodox Russia", a member of the editorial boards and councils magazine "Forum", "Russia's bell", "Orient Express" newspaper "Kievan Rus'. Awarded state prizes and awards in many community organizations.

Currently - Head of Accreditation and media monitoring of the Office of Public Relations and Media Relations of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. State Councilor of the Russian Federation 3 class.

Petr Akaemov was born in 1948 in the Ukraine in Donetsk. There, he spent his childhood and youth, school years and an active Komsomol life, published the first articles and poems in the regional youth newspaper "Komsomolets Donbas."

Then he served in the Army - and again and publishing poems of different genres in the district newspaper Baku Air Defense District "on guard."

After the Army was ZIL (Moscow Automobile Plant. I. Likhachev). He worked on an assembly line, the instructor of the Party Committee of the plant and, of course, regularly wrote articles and poems in circulation newspaper "Moskovsky avtozavodets."

He played on the All-Union Radio, conducted opinion programs "songs chronicle of the country", published the book "In Moscow" (published by "Planet"). It was translated into many foreign languages, three editions, won the contest for the best book about Moscow and Muscovites in 1985.

In 1999, the publishing house "book and Business" was released poetry collection Akaemova Peter: "Crash Love" with a foreword by the State Prize of the Russian Federation Vladimir Firsov, who gave this description of poetry Akaemova P.: "What Peter had not said - all permeated with sincerity , honest and innate generosity poetic soul. "

In 2004, the Moscow city organization of the Union of Writers of Russia has launched a new collection of poetry P. Akaemova "People connect the stars." In the introduction to his famous poet Nikolai Dorizo ​​wrote: "Poetry Peter Akaemova draws its heart with sincerity and soulful melody. Each poem in Peter honest and pure, and you believe him. It feels magical touch of words in poetic line."

In recent years, P. Akaemova poems published in various periodicals, poetry collections "Poets Moscow - XXI century", "Poets of Moscow", "Moscow poetic", "Anthology of a poem", "Poetry of Love", "The Poetry of Life" "Moscow Parnassus," "Academy of Poetry" and others.

The verses P. Akaemova written about 100 songs that sound on the radio, in concert programs. Produced five songs on the album - "Return," "White Nights", "Speak to me of love", "Clouds of Paris", "Life is flying uncontrollably."

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