A joint project with the Union rusofonov France

Dear friends, have signed a petition "for the recognition of the Russian language in the European Union"!

Thank you for your activity! Your participation is essential to ensure that we can continue our way to the recognition of the Russian language in the EU, and it will require all of us a lot of effort.

In just three weeks, more than 1,200 people have signed our call. This is a good result, but we have to make a lot more - to collect over 54,000 signatures, the EU citizens. That is the amount needed from France as part of the "citizens' initiative", which was recently introduced in the European Union.

Based on your support, we must now coordinate our actions with the Russian association of other EU countries together to send to the European Commission a formal request for registration of our initiative. By achieving this registration, we will have to start a massive campaign to collect signatures for that we will be allotted exactly one year, and then we turn again to you to sign a formal petition to the EU on the recognition of the Russian language and ask for help to mobilize in support of our initiatives your colleagues, friends and acquaintances. In addition, as required by the procedure of "civil initiative", it will be necessary to specify more complete information about yourself (such as passport).

By this time, we plan to make a site to collect signatures more functional.

Again, thank you all for what you have signed our petition and expressed your active stance in favor of the recognition of the Russian language in the EU, that have contributed to the realization of the true size of the continent.

Rusophone Union of France


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