Defense of Christian values

We believe that it is based on traditional morality, respect for social models and each other's lives can coexist different religious traditions in the Russian Federation, never known religious wars - so plan to take care of the inter-religious and inter-ethnic peace in our common country.

Claiming Christian morality in society, our Orthodox spiritual values, we create the conditions for the revival of other traditional religions.

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party and Sergey Gavrilov Sergey Popov edinorosc create sectarian group to protect Christian values. The project is approved the Russian Orthodox Church and supported by the leadership of the lower chamber.

"Many members of the various factions in the State Duma are unanimous in the assessment of the role and importance of the Russian Orthodox Church to save the spiritual, moral, cultural and political identity of the Russian Federation as a unique Christian civilization" - said Gavrilov. According to him, members of the Russian Orthodox Church with going to oppose a "totalitarian and sectarian ideologies, aggressive liberalism, secularism, unlimited preaching hedonism, violence, drugs and alcohol, gambling."

The panel will comprise about 20 deputies from the Communist Party and the "United Russia".

"We believe that the position of the church should not be lonely. Parishioners have the right to define their attitude to these conflicts," - said the deputy.

Gavrilov, head of the State Duma Committee on Property, Popov holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Public Associations and Religious Organizations.

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