"Public diplomacy" is beginning its work in the Ukrainian elections

"Народная дипломатия" начинает свою работу на украинских выборах

Representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora, and social and political figures of foreign countries - participants of the Foundation "Public diplomacy" - begin their work of monitoring the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. His vision of democratic processes in Ukraine, they talk to the press conference in "Interfax".

On October 24 at 12:00 in the agency "Interfax-Ukraine" (8/5a Reitarska Street) will be presented to support the Foundation of Civil Society "Public diplomacy". Fund members are registered in Ukraine as international observers. Representatives of the Fund "Public diplomacy" Alexander Bedritsky, member of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the CEC and Johannes Vamberg Anderson, a Danish political scientist and journalist will talk about his vision of the democratic process in the country and the forthcoming mission of the Foundation on Election of People's Deputies of Ukraine.

Foundation "Public diplomacy" was created in 2010 c to normalize and harmonize inter-ethnic, inter-religious and inter-state relations as the former Soviet Union and beyond, where there is a potential conflict of this kind. One of the most important tasks of the fund is to promote conservation of relations between Ukraine and the Ukrainian diaspora and fraternity.